Featured Recipe - Ballotine Chicken with Provençal Sauce and Oregano White Rice

A rich and savory ballotine chicken recipe I whipped up after a conversation with a chef friend. It features provençal sauce and oregano white rice.


Featured Post: Kehte Hain…

Losing yourself is easy. Finding yourself afterwards isn’t. If you do manage to do that, be glad because you’ll have achieved something that most can’t.

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The Battle For Honor - Deceit, Lies, And Honor!

The story is set in an alternate universe, in the 3350’s, amidst an Interstellar War and revolves around the lead character, Major Ryan Lewis, and the unraveling of a plot by his Commanding Officer, Colonel Edward Ross, and his best friend and squad mate, Captain Colin Maddox.



Featured Project - The Saylani Saga

Saylani Welfare Trust needed something new for their Rozgaar scheme. They wanted us to design some snack vending kiosks that they could then give to the less fortunate as a more presentable and manageable means of livelihood. Something that would help them earn better and make their lives a little easier.


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Can Aggressive Marketing Work For You?

Aggressive marketing is perhaps one of the best and worst things any business can do. If done right, it can do wonders, but if done wrong, it’ll shut your business down faster than you can say your product’s name.

The Battle For Honor

Prologue – The Battle For Honor

The year is 3347. The 351st marine detachment is being deployed on Azora to help the Interstellar Alliance forces on-planet to defend against the Riesman Confederation onslaught. Azora is a chain of urban sprawls with few military installations. Confederation forces have taken control of much of the planet, but pockets of resistance have cropped up in several major cities. The remnants of the planetary National Guard, as well as Alliance military units are putting up a good fight, but they are severely outmanned and outgunned.



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