Bhula Tu Kyun Nahin… – A Review of Dr. Raza & Ali’s “Bhula Tu Na”

This is a review I wrote back in 2007 for a blog about the Pakistani media, titled Media4Pakistan. The blog, a brain child of Jerjees Seja was a client of ours at Communiqué Collective.

Time for another review, this time it’s a debut single, Dr. Raza & Ali’s “Bhula Tu Na”. Before I start dismantling the song, let me thank everyone who helped me write this down by providing their subtle comments on it and also extend my condolences for their ears, sacrificed for me as they had to bear this song.

In the words of one of my associates, “torture of the soul”… Yup, you read it right the first time. This has to be one of the worst songs we have ever heard, if not THE worst. The organ starts off nicely but then the violin like instrument starts off abruptly, and even that seems to be ok, till the vocals kick in; all hell breaks loose when that happens.

The music by itself is a mix of western and classical eastern musical instruments, but the music is way to overpowering for the vocals. The guy’s voice just doesn’t have enough grunt to stand out above the music, and his singing is simply abhorring. His voice might be good, but his singing skills simply aren’t. Let’s face it; this guy really needs singing classes.

The music doesn’t really make sense either, as the beat often goes off track according to the rest of the music, as it overpowers everything else. But still, as this was a first attempt to record a song, and Dr. Raza & Ali’s first venture into Pakistan’s music industry, it was ok.

Wish you guys the best of luck with your next number, and practice really, really hard, and get some professional help for it.

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