Jaanay Do… – A Review of Ali Haider’s “Jaanay Do”

This is a review I wrote back in 2007 for a blog about the Pakistani media, titled Media4Pakistan. The blog, a brain child of Jerjees Seja was a client of ours at Communiqué Collective.

Jaanay Do - Ali Haider

One of those soft toned slow numbers that just touches your heart. Sang by Ali Haider, it easily highlights his experience of singing, even though his voice doesn’t really feel right for such a song. His control over his voice is a mainstay for most of his songs, but the music in “Jaanay Do” is just superb.

The music is a smooth blend of classical and modern instruments, mixing a classical, eastern feel with more modern notes. The music makes a fine listening for those looking for a few minutes of relaxation and reminiscing. The flute and guitar bit that comes in the middle of this song is simply superb, and it just carries you through a whole bunch of emotions at the same time, from elation, to the ecstasy of some locked away memories.

The lyrics, from the very first stanza, all the way to the ending fade out, seem superbly written, though on the sad side. As is the case with almost all the songs I’ve reviewed so far, the lyrics are about a guy who’s reminiscing about his time with his love, and her betrayal. It’s an ode about insincerity and the memories that betrayed love leaves behind.

The vocals, even though being quite controlled and mature, don’t really give the true feel for this song. Ali’s voice just doesn’t have that feel that songs of this nature require. Though he sounds good, no doubt, but his voice just doesn’t feel right for this song. Songs of this type require a more soulful voice, a voice that gives the feeling of pain that Ali’s voice just doesn’t have.

All in all, it’s a wonderful song, however I do wish it was sung by someone else; then it would’ve been simply superb. But I’d give this song a 3.5-star rating none the less, as the music and lyrics more than make up for it.

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