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Image Courtesy of PopSugar.com

Image Courtesy of PopSugar.com.

Over the past few months, several friends of mine have asked me the exact same question repeatedly; Why aren’t they getting hired or called up for interviews? I was wondering what possibly could be the reason and did some reading on the subject.

Turns out, the simplest solution to this predicament is reading! I picked this up when I recalled that most of my friends don’t really read up on their majors; they just follow the books and whatever was discussed in class, as opposed to actually reading up on emerging trends and keeping up to date.

I came across this really nice article on a site dedicated to Human Resource Management; About.com – Human Resources. This website serves as a mainstay for the subject and is an invaluable resource for anyone in the field. Be sure to subscribe to its feed or bookmark the site.

I read an article about why most applicants simply don’t make it to the Yes or Interview piles, suffice to say, it had the answer to most people’s problems. Having gone through several CVs myself, I can safely say that most people overlook the importance of updating their resumes to fit the needs of the organization they’re applying at. They make a Curriculum Vitae when they send out their first job applications, which oftentimes is plagiarized, and continue using that till they finally land their first job. They then simply add that job’s details into the document and then use that exact same thing when they apply to other organizations, even if their prior experience had nothing to do with the position they’re applying for now.

What should happen is that you should customize your resume for each application, making sure that you highlight relevant skills and experiences before you list your other experiences and educational details in chronological order.

When I was shortlisting candidates for a few positions in my company, I had hundreds of applications and barely spent more than sixty seconds on each application. That includes reading the occasional cover letter. I typically picked out the CVs that caught my attention within the first few seconds.

Nowadays, most companies use automated databases and online recruitment services such as Rozee.pk and Brightspyre to filter and sort applications based on their requirements. It is imperative to highlight your relevant skills and experience distinctly so that those automated filtering systems shortlist your application. Now seriously ask yourself, how many times have you actually custom made your CV to pass through those filters? How many times have you customized your CV based on the organization’s requirements, highlighting your most relevant skills?

Try reading up and following the guidelines in this small article and try to read these books as well!

I’ll talk more about these things in later posts. For now, read up on those articles!

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