Image courtesy of wariatka on DeviantArt.

Image courtesy of wariatka on DeviantArt.

I’m wondering what I should write about but I can’t really think of something, so I’ll just write about nothing. Yep, that’s right, Nothing. Have you ever stopped to think about what the word nothing represents? It’s actually a complete sentence in itself. How many times have you replied to a question by saying ‘nothing’?

When you sit down to think of it, the word nothing represents so many things, yet it remains nothing. Strange? I concur with that thought!

I could talk about what I did but then again, I did absolutely nothing over the past two days. I guess I was just too lazy to do anything so I wrote nothing. :-)

Okay, okay, I know I overdid it with that last bit. Anyways, what I actually wanted to write about was the importance that some quiet time has in our lives. The time that we spend doing absolutely nothing at all, but just lazing around. This quiet time actually helps us sort our thoughts out; it helps us connect with ourselves and seriously give our self some time. Personally, I spend this lazy time by doing something for myself, such as working out or writing a personal journal entry, or just laying on my bed, listening to some decent songs and just letting my mind float away wherever it wants to go.

This is typically when I get the ideas for my novel and this is actually what boosts my writing tenfold. Psychologists say that we’re closest to our real selves at times like these, provided we utilize this time for something productive as opposed to just sitting and surfing channels on the television or the web. Sure, surfing the web can be a good thing but most of us don’t really do anything productive here. We just browse around, look for something to kill time with, read up on some fashion news and stuff; the kind of things we typically do all the time. When’s the last time you sat down in a quiet place and just meditated?

Some people might even argue that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, but then again, your mind isn’t really idle when you meditate, or is it? If it is, then someone’s obviously doing something wrong here. You’re supposed to let your mind wander and track where its going, the purpose of meditation is to give you some insight into your own heart and mind. It’s supposed to attune you to your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts. Now when you’re feeling low, imagine being able to understand why you’re feeling this way; knowingwhat made you feel happy or excited.

On the contrary, being busy all the time and not giving yourself any of your time might sound like a good thing to do, but all it does is that you eventually burn out. You lose track of where your life is going and who you really are. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but this is exactly why psychiatrists earn quite handsomely. Thing is, you need to balance everything out otherwise you really do lose yourself. I did too, but luckily, I pulled myself back together in time. Most people don’t and either end up with nervous breakdowns, or worse.

Depression is one of the worst serial killers, or rather, the worst epidemic humanity has ever seen. It kills you from the inside; developing at such a creeping pace that you don’t even know that it’s there till its final strike, the death blow. It can cripple the best of us. One of the best ways of nipping this critter in the bud is by knowing yourself, inside and out. That is where meditation comes in. Meditation is the cure, not medication! What do you say?

I could really write on and on about this subject but as this post has already hit the 600 words mark, I’d better end it right here. Be sure to check my blog regularly and subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for email notifications for updates. Both subscription links can be in the footer of my blog. You can hit them from any page. And don’t forget to rate my posts. I want feedback from all my readers!

Be good people, and get to know yourselves better! :-)

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