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Image courtesy of DA-sWooZie on DeviantArt.

Image courtesy of DA-sWooZie on DeviantArt.

Firstly, I apologize for not updating my blog for the past three four weeks. I was a bit preoccupied with my university and some other activities. Anyways, I felt that I should start this week off with a fun, and very useful post for almost everyone out there.

I was surfing the internet a few days ago and came across a website with a very peculiar test called the Life Motifs Test.

It consisted of some simple questions hovering around what I’m like and my preferences; what I would do in certain scenarios and situations and what I like doing.

It took me around six or seven minutes to answer all the questions but I’d say the result was worth it. Here’s what I got.

Your Life Motifs

You scored mainly in the Sky-Fire quadrant. This ‘yellow’ quadrant highlights the ‘fire’ sign of your personality and your tendency to blaze across the sky like a comet, taking new ideas and concepts and trying to push them into action. You may well have a vivid imagination and enjoy constantly dreaming up new things to do. Because of your ‘fire’ sign, you will probably push some of these ideas into action before you and others are ready. You may well be a persuasive person when discussing issues you passionately believe in. In these situations, many people may well be influenced by your apparent confidence.

People who map into this quadrant like to connect the future to the present. Your mind may constantly be exploring possibilities concerning where you are going and what you might do with your life. However, there are times when you could become over-enthusiastic and make decisions before you have fully thought about the ramifications. If anything, your mind might be focused on too many ideas at once. This may result in fewer successes, mainly because of your desire to get into action before you have completely done your homework.

For you there are unlikely to be too many problems. Of all the signs, yours describes someone who can turn a problem into an opportunity. Failure is unlikely to disturb you too much as you have a knack of being able to rebound from adversity.

Interesting? Well, the reason I dedicated this post to this quiz is that these things are quite useful for employers to test the morale and mentalities of potential and existing employees. Sure, a proper, professional psychological profile is best, but don’t you think that getting every applicant interviewed by a psychologist would be overkill?

I checked out several such free tests and as it turns out, quite a few of them return very accurate results. Sure some of these tests seem wacky, like there’s one titled, “What kind of cheese are you?” but they are actually quite useful and rather good. They tell a lot about a person and are really useful tools for both self evaluation and to understand people better.

I’m going to try to do a limited scale study on the subject to see if some of these tests pan out, or if we can make one of our own. I’ll post updates on that every now and then.

Till then, be sure to check out the following tests and don’t forget to take some time off for yourself!

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