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Over the past decade or so, I’ve been through so many developments and transformations that I’ve lost track of who I really should be like. Should I be the wise owl, the speedy hare, or the slow and steady tortoise?

At this very moment, I am torn between several different responsibilities and needs that necessitate my being in every single one of those personas, yet I am wondering how I can make that happen. How can I choose between my responsibilities, how can I prioritize them without compromising on someone else’s rights over me? How can I get out of the mess I’m stuck in?

The problem with being a writer in Pakistan is that people often consider you one of those people that write purely for money, or consider you a journalist or editor, whereas these two things are very, very different. How can I let everyone know that I’m one of those people that prefer closing themselves away from the whole world and spending their time with just some close relatives and loved ones?

Let’s face it; people here really don’t understand who real writers are. They are the thinkers, the wise owls that share their wisdom with the rest of the world in the form of their words. They are the driving force behind a country’s intellectual prowess and unsurprisingly, we lack that. We do have several real writers, but they simply don’t have the kind of exposure they need, nor the right launching pad to ascend. The ‘writers’ that have gained momentum are mostly those that state, and restate the dramaticized stories of everyday life, but without any real message behind them. Writing is an art, a skill that we’re supposed to use to convey some real message hidden within the ‘entertainment’.

Life isn’t about those famed TV serials that simply refuse to go away, with actors that seemingly don’t age a day in the decades spanned in the ‘storyline’. Life is about the real stories, real people living real lives and real problems and issues they face; we all face. The only problem here is, with the majority of this country’s intellect so muddled and dulled by the works of such ‘writers’, who would actually understand the real story behind a story? Who can actually read between the lines and between these words?

I stopped writing quite some time back because some people I trusted tried to use my skills to benefit themselves, all the while claiming to be well-wishers. This is one thing we have in abundance, people who think they are ‘right’ but are actually as wrong as they can be.

What they simply don’t get is that writing is very different from reporting and journalism. Sure they seem the same and you use the same skills, but to two different ends, and at the end of the day, both are two very distinct roles. I am a writer; I write about things in and around my life, my experiences, and I share whatever limited knowledge I have of those experiences.

Who am I? I am not a wise old owl, I am not a quick and speedy hare, and I most definitely am not a slow and steady tortoise. I am an amalgamation of all of the above, and then some. I am me. I exist because I am a distinct individual with a specific task in this life. I am because I write. I don’t claim to know everything, and I don’t claim to be always right, but because of my experiences, I do know better than most people. Having been blessed with intuition, and a wide variety of experiences, my ‘gut’ often shows me the way out of sticky situations, and is a very valuable ally for me.

Although I have been blogging for quite some time, I have always kept a low profile. Not anymore though. My gut told me to take some very drastic steps and one of them is this website. This is my presence on the World Wide Web. My thoughts, inspirations, efforts and ambitions put up for the world to view. Why? Because I want the world to see me for who I really am, to show everyone what I can do, and what I am doing.

If you’re 20-something, with a lot of ambitions, but hard-pressed for a non-existent entity called luck, and a set of skills that do set you apart from the rest of the world, or are simply interested in reading, read on. For those of you who know me, thank you for supporting me throughout my life however you could, and for giving me the strength to stand up and show everyone what’s what. Even if you were a negative aspect of my life, you still supported me by adding to my experiences, so I thank you too.

Let’s get this on! Here’s looking at you life!

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