Some Peace & Quiet!

Image courtesy of IncPak.

Image courtesy of INCPak.

Ever have one of those days where you just want some peace and quiet so you can work?

Here I was, peacefully slicing and coding away when I was hit with a boatload of distractions. First, I  started getting forwarded text messages, then some useless offers from my cellular service provider, quickly followed by half a dozen other things around me!

I skip meals, ignore the summer heat (it’s 33 degrees Celsius here in my room right now), just to get some important work done and bam! Everything tries its level best to keep me from working. When I finally get back to work, KAPOW! KESC decides to make me suffer with some unscheduled load-shedding!

KESC, how pathetic can you guys get?

Why can’t your inept and inapt management just resign?

I mean seriously, what the hell?!!

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