The Perfect Workplace – Do’s & Don’ts

Image courtesy of Ekkoberry on DeviantArt.

Image courtesy of Ekkoberry on DeviantArt.

Just a few minutes ago, while I was venting over how everything just seems to be keeping me from working, a thought occurred to me. What would the perfect workplace be like? Sure, having electricity and air-conditioning 24/7 is nice but that is not what makes an “office” perfect; not by a longshot!

Let me list down some things I consider an imperative part of any workplace.

Abhorrence of Internal Politics

Nowadays, one of the most common issues we find in organizations is the lack of ethics within the management layers and plenty of internal politics. I’ve elaborated about this in the linked post. The common misconception here is that employees are easier to control because of low-level politics which fuels the senior management’s decision to promote internal politics. Boy are they wrong!

What this does is that it creates disharmony among employees, which results in one sabotaging the efforts of another till eventually you lose a valuable and reliable employee. All you’re left with in the end is political junk that can’t get over pencil pushing and undermining better employees.

For good workers, this is the most demotivating practice within any organization!

Minimization of Distractions

Suppose you are putting together a very important presentation that you need to pitch to a prospective client tomorrow. That organization would be your company’s largest client to date if you nail the presentation. You are working on the ‘make it or break it’ part of the presentation when your boss pings you, or walks up behind you to tell you that you have to go to some conference in 30 minutes.

What happens next? You stop working, right?

Never Overworking Your Employees

You go to that event but your thoughts are stuck on that presentation. You couldn’t finish it because of this event and you can’t concentrate here because your mind is stuck on that presentation. Now what do you do?

Your mind would keep hopping around between the two till you mess up the task at hand. How can you handle two things at the same time? You can’t. Sure, as managers, we might like to think otherwise, but it doesn’t matter how good a multi-tasker one is, we’re still human. Wouldn’t it be better if you had been informed about the conference earlier? Or if you didn’t have to go to the conference altogether?

Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but most of the times, it isn’t. This is just our way of trying to get in as much as we can. Been there, done that, and failed miserably! Learn from my mistakes people!

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