Are Words Enough?

Words Have Power! Image courtesy of Minjula Sherpa Pahlke's blog on WordPress.

Words Have Power!
Image courtesy of Minjula Sherpa Pahlke’s blog on WordPress.

I’m trying to get everyone to actually wake up. Everyone I see is busy stuffing their faces with corruption. I’m trying to set things on the right track for at least ‘some’ people. We’re stuck in a jam because people just don’t give a shit. When we write about something, people say “What will writing a blog post or status message or a tweet accomplish? You’re a loser! Get a friggin’ life!” What they don’t know is that Choudhry Rahmat Ali published a pamflet talking about “Pakistan”. What I’m trying to do is that I’m trying to influence whoever I can to stop what they’re doing and at least iron out the corruption in themselves. It would at least be a start, a seed that would eventually grow into a plant or maybe, a tree.

No, this isn’t a marketing ploy but yes, I do support speaking up against corruption, oppression and suppression, but I am not endorsing the recently started campaign. I know that words really are enough to make a person think about what they’re doing. Psychologists and psychiatrists do so all the time. I request all writers and bloggers out there to do the same!

Time to wake up and clean up your act. Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else just because you’re an elitist, and stop acting like you know everything. No one has those bragging rights! All you can brag about is being snobbish and bitchy because of the money your parents have.

Let’s show everyone what we can accomplish with the right words!
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