The Universe and You!

Image courtesy of Ivan Pedretti, from ShotKit.

Image courtesy of Ivan Pedretti, from ShotKit.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learnt a very important lesson in life. Never, and I mean never ignore what your heart says. As Paulo Coelho incessantly implied in one of his books, ‘Your intuition is your heart, earth, air, water, fire, concurrently, the universe speaking to you; telling you what ought to be and what you should be wary of.’ Some people might call that an inane statement, but very few have actually understood the depths of the word ‘intuition’.

Our ‘sixth sense’ or intuition might seem like a fantastical ability to see the future to some, but, quite simply, it is your heart giving you directions on where you should go and hints on what to expect when you get there. People misunderstand the very essence of this word, and ergo, fail to understand what it’s trying to tell them. For the last couple of months, I have quietly followed my intuition on several occasions and it has yet to fail me.

Most people preach the phrase “Follow your heart”, but very few follow it themselves. Have you ever asked what ‘follow your heart’ means? For most people, they are just empty words that some wise people have stated, and they incessantly repeat thinking people will consider them ‘wise’. I consider people like that, ‘wise owls’. Thing is, the only way to ‘follow your heart’ is by listening to it, but how many of us nowadays even bother hearing what it has to say?

I believe that in order to listen to your heart, you need to first know your heart, and to do that, you first need to know who you are. You have to come to terms with whatever your existence is, and understand that at the end of the day, you are you, and no one else. The moment you understand this fact, and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as just those, and try to enhance and overcome them, you begin to understand who you are and why you’re here. Eventually, you start learning things in a completely different way. Taking pride in small accomplishments, looking at a butterfly flying around you and just feeling nice, a stranger’s smile; you start being happier and more relaxed with the world around you. Eventually, you start paying more attention to what your heart is telling you with every beat.

A person’s heart is a strange artifact; carrying years of emotions and tying them with memories your brain has saved, but at the same time, guiding you on how your present should be, and what your future should be like. Indeed, it is a strange phenomenon; an institution in itself. When I talk about years of emotions being ‘stored’ in a heart, the first thought that occurs is Google’s server and database. I’m amazed; imagine the computing power a DNA based computer would have!

Snapping back to reality, it is pretty evident here that the only way to actually accomplish anything in this life is to know yourself. If you don’t know who you are; how can you know what you do have, and what you need to inculcate into yourself to accomplish anything?

Sometimes, some things are just better incomplete, so I’m leaving this post as it is with this closing statement:

“I know not where I go, and I know not how I go there, but I do know that I will get there so long as I listen to my heart, and follow my dreams!”

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