‘Peaceful’ Protests And Their Political Ambitions!

We stand together, we stand with you, we stand for you! Pakistan Zindabad!

We stand together, we stand with you, we stand for you!
Pakistan Zindabad!

The ‘peaceful’ protests we witnessed yesterday were supposed to have been against the blasphemous movie that disrespected the Prophet (SAW), but sadly, as with almost all religiously motivated protests in Pakistan, that simply wasn’t the case! There were numerous peaceful protests throughout the country, but they were overshadowed by the looting, bloodshed, and utter chaos caused by the hooligans that used them as a cover for their insidious activities.

Various political and religious parties took it upon themselves, as did the government, to support and push this protest forward. Even though everyone expected things to get out of hand and hooliganism to follow the peaceful protest, things were still allowed to happen with a bare minimum of security. They knew what would happen, yet it was still allowed to happen, and was, in fact, supported. The result was loss of life, bloodshed, raging fires, and the destruction of public and private property.

As this was all expected, why was it allowed to happen? Why didn’t the authorities crack down on the people instigating and promoting such senseless violence? Couldn’t they hear the blaring loudspeakers from various mosques all over the country babbling about making the ‘kuffaar’ pay, and showing them how much ‘we’ hate them? None of this was actually for Islam or our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Is someone following the Joker’s footsteps from the movie, ‘The Dark Knight’? Are we looking at the work of an ‘agent of chaos’ here whose sole objective is to spread disdain, organized chaos, and chaotic violence in our beloved country?

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