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Now I know I haven’t really blogged in quite some time, but I was so busy in work and a few projects that I couldn’t free up enough time to write about anything. However, that’s changed now. I’m back with a bang and I’ll continue to post new content, as well as some of the stuff I posted or shared on social media before.


My old theme was custom designed  from the ground up using the HTML5 Boiler Plate and it was working great, but it wasn’t responsive so I decided to spruce things up a bit. I’ve designed my website on the Divi 2.0 theme from Elegant Themes this time around because of the added functionality they’ve built into it. Honestly, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. You’ll also note that this design is a lot more colorful than my last one and is a lot more dynamic. I was originally going for a more minimalist design along the lines of my old black and white theme, but I got put off by the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey and decided that color was much better lol

Some of the plugins I am using needed some CSS and PHP improvements to make them more responsive than before, but all in all, Divi is a pretty useful theme. That said, I’d like your feedback on this in the comments below or over email. Feel free to email me using the contact form or to get in touch with me over social media.


My blog was formerly geared more toward personal posts, thoughts, even songs and didn’t really have half as much content about my work as it should have had. That is changing now. If you take a look at the blog, you’ll notice that I’m playing around with my categories a bit, and you’ll see a peculiar ‘Food’ category there. Yes, that wasn’t a prank. I’m going to be putting up pictures, recipes, reviews, and anything related to food that I come across that just needs to be shared here. Why? Because I’m a foodie! I’m also going to be talking about the movies and TV shows I watch, as well as the video games I play just for the heck of it. All that will go into the Play category. You’ll also notice the Work category where you’ll find stuff about careers, work, marketing, management, motivation, and then some. That’s also where you’ll find some tips and tricks about professional stuff that you might find helpful.

The Battle For Honor

As with the rest of my blog, I hadn’t really been able to work on my novel for some time, so it was stuck in a kind of limbo. However, I’ve actually started working on it again and I’m thinking of publishing the first chapter itself, and follow the formula for the rest of the book, rather than one single 500 odd page book. Not sure about that yet though. However, I will be putting up small tidbits up every now and then. Some tidbits like stuff directly from the book, some facts about the universe I’m making for my book (yes you read that right – that’s why it’s taking so long), some ‘Mission Files’, and some random images that I keep putting together for it.


I’ve also switched my hosting from Inspedium Hosting to NameCheap because I was having trouble with my old hosting. My cPanel installation was corrupt and they weren’t reinstalling it. For some unknown reason, my database there also got corrupted and my users table got messed up. Because of that, I was unable to login or reset my passwords on the website, and since my cPanel went haywire, I was unable to sort that out from PHPMyAdmin as well. After repeated emails and phonecalls to them, I simply gave up. That’s also why I let my other website,, go. I had emailed Inspedium to have someone pick up my payment from my place, but apparently, they don’t like to check their emails. Repeated bad customer service and bad hosting service, result in one less customer and a bad review.

Enough with the grieving! As you can see, I also got this new domain, My old domain,, is still active and I will redirect that here in a few days too, after I get my other hosting account closed. Once that’s propagated properly, you should be redirected to this new blog without any issues. Another thing I decided to get was an SSL from Comodo. This means my website is entirely secure, though some of the images load with the regular HTTP protocol. You’ll have to bear the load times which will be a bit slower than when using regular HTTP protocol.


Now I know you were expecting this earlier so I decided to put this in the very last. Welcome to my new blog, my home away from home, and the place I’m going to fill up with my junk! I’m going to try to keep everything as upbeat as humanly possible, but I will be ranting, so be warned! That said, take a look around, and if you see something you like, hit the like button, and don’t be shy of using the share buttons you see on the posts!

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