The Battle For Honor – Deceit, Lies, And Honor!

A draft cover I designed for The Battle For Honor

A draft cover I designed for The Battle For Honor



The story is set in an alternate universe, in the 3350’s, amidst an Interstellar War and revolves around the lead character, Major Ryan Lewis, and the unraveling of a plot by his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Edward Ross, and his best friend and squad mate, Captain Colin Maddox.

The third Interstellar War started in 3341 when the Confederation attacked a mining colony on the Alliance controlled planet on the outskirts of the Solaria system, Arkana II, and then proceeded to raze all civilian and military installations on planet. One of those installations was a cadet training facility where the most promising candidates were posted because it was the site of the last and deciding battle of the first Interstellar War.

It was here that Ryan met his CO, Major Edward Ross, and Cadet Colin Maddox, and it was here that he got his first taste of combat when he defended his instructor and his base. They were pulled out and posted to another planet where Ryan and Colin would complete their advanced training and enter service with the special operations squad, the Black Tigers of the 351st Marine Detachment.

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