Introduction – The Battle For Honor


The universe seemed smaller already.

Welcome to the 33rd century. The year is 3347. Man has spread out to distant planets and star systems in search for habitable planets, and valuable minerals. The discovery of faster than light (FTL) travel in the 22nd century unified the human race like never before, nullifying all differences in the hopes of reaching out to distant stars and alien life. The existing forms of government were rendered obsolete and a single unified system of government was set up to channel all our resources into space exploration and interstellar travel. Mega corporations were encouraged to channel their resources towards this singular goal, thinking that this heavy competition would result in the betterment of the human race. However, the world leaders grossly miscalculated.

The world gradually split up behind a handful of these mega corporations. Remnants of yesterday’s conglomerates, these mega corporations raced to develop the most efficient and effective means of traversing interstellar space and mining technologies. This resulted in the rapid development and design of vast space faring vessels; ships larger, more robust, and faster than anything man had ever created before. For once in mankind’s history, military took the back seat while these commercial enterprises steered humanity in the direction they sought fit.

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