Kehte Hain…

The pathway that takes us through life, one memory at a time...

The pathway that takes us through life, one memory at a time…

Losing yourself is easy. Finding yourself afterwards isn’t. If you do manage to do that, be glad because you’ll have achieved something that most can’t.

If someone helps you find yourself, hold on to them, for they’ve earned their place, they’ve earned their keep.

Kehte hain ke jab koi aap ko dil se khush dekhna chahe, to us ko kabhi jaane nahin dena chahiye. Chahe woh dost hon ya khoon ke rishte hon. Aaj kal sab se ziyada kami issi cheez ki hai. Sincerity.

One of the biggest problems we all have to deal with time and again is betrayal or simply an unwillingness in anyone to care about anyone but themselves. Very rarely does it happen that you come across someone who actually does care enough to look out for you, take care of you. That’s where you should do your best to never let them go, nor to ever let them hurt because they deserve all you’ve got.

Just a thought.

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