Kehte Hain…

Losing yourself is easy. Finding yourself afterwards isn’t. If you do manage to do that, be glad because you’ll have achieved something that most can’t.
If someone helps you find yourself, hold on to them, for they’ve earned their place, they’ve earned their keep.

Lemon & Herb Chicken!

A simple, no fuss, chicken recipe that will leave everyone licking their fingers. Check it out!

New Theme, New Content!

Now I know I haven’t really blogged in quite some time, but I was so busy in work and a few projects that I couldn’t free up enough time to write about anything. However, that’s changed now. I’m back with a bang and I’ll continue to post new content, as well as some of the stuff I posted or shared on social media before.

‘Peaceful’ Protests And Their Political Ambitions!

Is someone following the Joker’s footsteps from the movie, ‘The Dark Knight’? Are we looking at the work of an ‘agent of chaos’ here whose sole objective is to spread disdain, organized chaos, and chaotic violence in our beloved country?

Can Aggressive Marketing Work For You?

Aggressive marketing is perhaps one of the best and worst things any business can do. If done right, it can do wonders, but if done wrong, it’ll shut your business down faster than you can say your product’s name.

The Road To Self Discovery

Reevaluating my life in such a manner helps me understand where I went wrong, what I did right, and where I lost my way. It helps determine where I stand, where I should be, and how I will get there.

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