Malim Residence

My Parents’ Home

The Challenge

After our old architect had made a mess of the structure and original design of my parents’ home, it needed some TLC, nurturing, and a lot of redesigning. We had to salvage what we could and mold the design to fit our requirements, our needs. That included managing the construction work as well. The house needed a personal touch to turn it into a future home, and that’s where I stepped in.

The Solution

Using everyone’s input, I used the original design made by our architect in 2010, and added some much needed finesse and style into it. The first step was getting the structure repaired and reinforced where needed, as well as making sure that the redesign made the house fit everyone’s requirements. To that end, I had to enlarge the ground floor, and add more rooms to it.

Following that, I had to sort out the first floor based on the redesigned ground floor, keeping the structural work from the ground floor in mind. That meant incorporating some peculiarly placed columns right into the design and turning them into a design element.

After that, came the fun part. Planning the interior decoration were easier with me being a minimalist and everyone preferring some more contemporary furniture and decor. The model is a work in progress and is by no means complete, though.

Master Bedroom - Design Concept 1

Bedrooms 1 & 2

Bathrooms 1 & 2

Bedrooms 3 & 4

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 4


Sketchup Design Work


Graphic Design Work


Construction Work

Turnaround Time (Years)

Project Details


A construction project requires a number of resources and materials, and the objective is to get as much done as possible, by spending only that which is necessary, with minimum wastage. That is why we have sourced all the materials directly from manufacturers and factories. It required a serious amount of legwork and research but compromising on quality to cut costs is simply not viable, specially not in construction projects.

The materials sourced from factories include cement from Falcon Cement, Iron rebar from an Iron mill, tiles directly from Shabbir Tiles, and so on, to ensure the highest quality.

Design Objectives

The design objectives were as simple as they were complicated: we needed a 6 bedroom, spacious home prepared, with contemporary or even minimalist designs and decor, with practicality at its core. A number of design elements were added to make the home look and feel spacious, even in confined spaces, to ensure that no area felt claustrophobic. Because of that, the home features a number of very large windows and doors, as well as an open plan living area, with a closed kitchen.

A reception area was added into the design that features a powder room, as well as the entrances to the casual living area, and the drawing room. The entrance to the drawing room features a large sliding doors that open up to make the room appear larger. The drawing room features is similarly spacious, with five windows to make the room more airy. The first floor features a split level design, with multiple, casual seating areas that will serve as an open study and hobby room. All rooms feature walk in wardrobes.

Post-Delivery Inquiries


Positive Feedback

We Received A Lot Of Great Feedback!

So far, during construction, we have received 122 queries about the design and construction from various contractors, homeowners, and landowners. More than half of the queries were for design and project management services.

The feedback from them was very positive.

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