Saylani Welfare Trust International

Saylani Welfare Trust International

Mobile Snack Kiosks

The Challenge

Saylani Welfare Trust needed something new for their Rozgaar scheme. They wanted us to design some snack vending kiosks that they could then give to the less fortunate as a more presentable and manageable means of livelihood. Something that would help them earn better and make their lives a little easier.

The Solution

We came up with these designs: a mobile, popcorn vending machine hooked up to a bicycle or even a motorcycle, and a hand-drawn cart for french fries or other similar snacks.

The designs were made within two weeks, with the manufacturing of the samples taking another two weeks to finalize They were delivered to Saylani Welfare Trust International in the first week of March 2012.

Outdoor Kiosk

Indoor Kiosk


Sketchup Design Work


Graphic Design Work


Manufacturing Work

Turnaround Time (Days)

Project Details


The kiosks were manufactured using steel and painted over with special anti-rust paint. This made them more durable and easier to maintain, as opposed to the more commonly available kiosks in the country. The graphics were printed on panaflex vinyls and glued on. The cart’s main body panels were a lightweight, translucent material with printed vinyls that were designed to glow with backlighting. The total manufacturing time was about 12 days, including finishing.


Design Objectives

The primary requirements of the kiosks were presentability and durability. The bicycle kiosk was designed primarily to be used outdoors, as a replacement of the hand-pushed street carts common in Pakistan. The other cart was intended as a smaller but more attractive kiosk that could be used inside shopping malls, as well as in more posh, commercial localities.

However, both kiosks also had one additional feature; they could be repurposed to suit anyone’s needs with a minimum of effort.

Post-Delivery Inquiries


Positive Feedback

The Results Were Amazing!

After delivery, we received 73 inquiries about these kiosks from the very people we designed these for.

The feedback from them was very positive.

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