Prologue – The Battle For Honor

The year is 3347. The 351st marine detachment is being deployed on Azora to help the Interstellar Alliance forces on-planet to defend against the Riesman Confederation onslaught. Azora is a chain of urban sprawls with few military installations. Confederation forces have taken control of much of the planet, but pockets of resistance have cropped up in several major cities. The remnants of the planetary National Guard, as well as Alliance military units are putting up a good fight, but they are severely outmanned and outgunned.

History – The Battle For Honor

With interstellar mining companies scrambling for far off planets in search for precious minerals and metals, it quickly became apparent that tracked vehicles could not operate in most harsh environments and these mega corporations quickly started investing heavily in robotics and developed the first of the industrial walkers, designed primarily to carry heavy equipment and drilling operations. Over time, the mega corporations begun staking claim on entire planets and started colonizing them, forming interstellar governments and massing military equipment.

Introduction – The Battle For Honor

Man has spread out to distant planets and star systems in search for habitable planets, and valuable minerals. The discovery of faster than light (FTL) travel in the 22nd century unified the human race like never before, nullifying all differences in the hopes of reaching out to distant stars and alien life.

The Battle For Honor – Deceit, Lies, And Honor!

The story is set in an alternate universe, in the 3350’s, amidst an Interstellar War and revolves around the lead character, Major Ryan Lewis, and the unraveling of a plot by his Commanding Officer, Colonel Edward Ross, and his best friend and squad mate, Captain Colin Maddox.